Hot Jobs for January 2024

Published on:
January 10, 2024

As we’ve entered into the New Year 2024, Bitcoin has surpassed 46k, and the Bitcoin ETF approval is imminent - it’s time to highlight some of the hot jobs in crypto/web3

Here’s a round up of the hottest jobs on Joba…


Caddi Founding Engineer

Frontend Developer Position for

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer for Analog 


Social Media & Community Coordinator for XDEFI Wallet

Marketing Expert

General Jobs

IT运维工程师/IT Operations Specailist JD

项目专员/Listing Coordinator

产品经理/Product Manager JD

Financial Intern 金融实习生

Japanese Speakers

Junior Analyst

Japanese translator

Japanese Customer Service Specialist 日语客服专员

Vietnamese Speakers

Vietnamese Translator

Vietnam OTC CS 越南客服

German Speakers

German Customer Service 德国客服专员

German Translator 德语翻译

Other Customer Service

Korean CS

Online Customer Service (Malaysia) 线上客服(马来西亚)

Persian - Chinese Translator

Philipino - Chinese Translator

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Joba
1. Is remote work suitable for all industries?

No, some industries like health care and manufacturing require physical presence. But many fields, especially in tech and marketing, are well-suited for remote work.

2. Do remote jobs pay less?

Not necessarily. Many remote jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits.

3. How do I find remote jobs?

There are various job boards dedicated to remote work, such as We Work Remotely and Remote OK.

4. How can I stay productive while working remotely?

The key is to set a routine, create a dedicated workspace, and use productivity tools to stay on track.

5. What are the best tools for remote work?

Tools like Slack, Zoom, and Asana are invaluable for remote work, aiding in communication and project management.

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